Video Transcript

So the next couple of years, my vision, my hope is that we were, we will see an enormous amount of remote workforce that the majority of those that it works for are working from home or working in a way that works for them. So maybe. Two days a week maybe. It’s a, a girlfriend of mine, um, was recently hired and one of the criteria was she had to commit to working five days a week.
Well, now they’re about to get rid of the office and she can work from home five days a week. So it’s possible. Um, yeah, I, I just, I hope beyond hope that that’s one of the outcomes that employees, that human beings get more from life because there’s more flexibility in the way that they do things just like we’re looking.
Changing the way we educate, we need to change the way that we, um, ask employees to work so that they can work to their best. You know, I get up early in the morning and that’s when I’m, I’m best. I’m not good at later in the evening, summer, better later in the evening. So if we could just work to our strengths, as long as we’re getting the projects done, as long as we’re getting the work done, does it really matter when we do it or how it has to look?
My vision is two years from. Maybe we’ll even be a four day work week.