Video Transcript

So when I was asked by the city up in Penticton economic development department to put together an hr toolkit for them, I was trying to think about the best approach. And over time, I’ve done a few videos using employee file folders as a reference point. So I decided to use that here, too, so basically, what you’re going to find in the upcoming videos is that there are seven sections. Each section is represented in a video discussing what you need to collect and file. But also what it means, what some things you should think what some of the things you should be thinking about as an employer when it comes to the employment of people are. So I’m using this file folder again as a sample of if you were to do that you’re following. This way, it would be perfect doesn’t mean you have to do it this way; I’m just encouraging you to think about everything you should be keeping and the things you shouldn’t be keeping. So as I go through the following videos, I will be a brief reference to see each section identified with this color coding, and there’s also a helpful length tip. Useful links download that you can get from the forum section. So file folder that’s why I came up with that idea hope you enjoy the series. This has been an initiative of the city of Penticton’s economic development department, and I’m Cori from Jouta.