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Training & Development


At Jouta, we never stop learning! Although we have an ever-evolving diverse and abundant skillset, there’s always something new to learn. There are no limits to what our clients experience and the solutions they need – just as there are no limits to what we can learn, imagine, and achieve!

If you want to expand with us, we invite you to join us with an open heart and an open mind.


Our learning sessions are built on the premise that people only fully absorb training when they are encouraged to grow and learn in their own way and at their own pace.

For that reason, we’ll ask you to set goals for your own learning, to ensure that not only the group’s overall needs are met, but yours, as well. This allows you to have input in the design and development of your individual learning experience.


We encourage learners to connect their past experiences with their current knowledge base and activities, while being open to seeing things in a new light.

People receiving training

An overall
focus on organizational performance

Below is a sampling of some of our customized training areas or standalone sessions:

  • HR 101, 201, and 301 – The Fundamentals of HR
  • Organizational Culture Development and Alignment
  • Respectful Workplace
  • Working Remotely – how, who, what, when and why?
  • Communication
  • Leadership and Management
  • Team Building
  • Coaching
  • Train the Trainer

Tools we use through our certified HR Consultants:


True Colors Logo

True Colors®
Valuing Differences – Creating Unity

For more than 40+ years, the True Colors user-friendly temperament and personality typing program has been helping people understand and recognize differences that can lead to miscommunication and conflict.

The True Colors system distills complex personality assessments and characteristics into practical and actionable tools. We use colors — Orange, Gold, Green and Blue — to differentiate the four central primary personality types. These colors lay the foundation of True Colors’ fun and insightful personality-identification system. Through True Colors, we teach people and organizations how to identify and recognize different personalities, and better understand themselves and others.


EQ-i Logo

Emotional Intelligence Skills

In today’s changing world, Emotional Intelligence Skills are essential for becoming a courageous, trustworthy, authentic, effective employee, manager or leader. It is a scientific fact that emotions precede thought. When emotions run high, they change the way our brains function…affecting our cognitive abilities, decision-making powers, and even interpersonal skills. That’s why even the most talented individuals can underperform when faced with triggering relationships, rapid change and disruption, or high-stakes (and high-stress) projects.

Understanding and managing our emotions (and the emotions of others) helps us to be more successful in both our personal and professional lives.

Our training sessions may be conducted in-person, or via video-conference.

Jouta’s Learning Philosophy

Our approach to learning is focused on three key factors:

Successful trainers with HR Consulting


Ensuring that what we teach is applicable, useful (not just theoretical) and makes sense for you/your organization

Goal Oriented

Providing intended learning outcomes for the group overall, and each individual, along with actionable steps ensures learning has been/will be integrated


Facilitating an interactive environment where learners share their experiences, knowledge, and skills – ultimately teaching one another to support learning

Your role as learner

Our goal is to provide a learning environment that is focused on engagement and connection, and a safe space to grow and learn together.

When you do the 4 things below, we too have a safe space to grow, learn, and teach. We can’t wait to see you at a training session!

We respectfully ask 4 things of you:

Be on time for our sessions

Finish what you start

Do what you say you’re going to do

Be prepared for a fun, engaging journey

Jouta Logo

The symbols that guide Jouta:


At Jouta, we’re incredibly intentional about our culture and everything we do flows from there. Our name, logo and symbolism are no exception. With our name, we don’t just want abundance for our clients, and for ourselves. We want superabundance. This may be about success, wealth, health, happiness, or whatever superabundance means to you.

Together Illustration

The symbols that guide Jouta:

Practicing (and facilitating) Togetherness.

Powerful partnerships involve supporting one another, a key part of which is allowing, enabling, and asking for help from others. When we’re open to receiving help, we’re better positioned to reciprocate.

Lifelong Illustration

The symbols that guide Jouta:

Lifelong Education and continuing quest for knowledge

In all that we do and all those we work with, we not only share our knowledge/expertise, but also learn and evolve. We believe that growth is the only way forward and knowledge is empowerment. The more we all know about ourselves, our teams, and our organizations, the more potential to make an impact and succeed.

Bridge Illustration

The symbols that guide Jouta:

Passage over Obstacles

Jouta is the bridge that’s held up by the foundation of learning and growing together as individuals and organizations, without blocking the way underneath or above. With the understanding that there is no one, right way, it symbolizes bridging the gap between organizations and their people.

Jouta Duck

The symbols that guide Jouta:

Why the Duck

The Jouta Duck is a bit like a mascot – or more accurately, a guiding principle for all that we do. The duck symbolizes that voice in all of our heads that tells us that we aren’t good enough, smart enough, small enough, big enough, strong enough, tall enough, etc. In other words, it reminds us to tell that voice to “Shut the Duck Up!”

Chess piece illustration

The symbols that guide Jouta:

Imagine Playing a Better Game

The game of chess represents challenges and change. Players utilize the various forces and motivations available to them, with different degrees of skill and artistry. The King is the biggest and most precious figure in the game and can only take one step at a time – but can do so in any direction. It reminds us to be strategic, intentional, and patient. Building success is both a deliberate and methodical process.


Aboriginal Finance Officers Association of BC (AFOABC)

AFOA BC has been working with Jouta for many years in a variety of capacities.   They have been a great source of counsel for HR issues as well as doing our biennial Salary survey and presented on HR issues at many of our conferences and workshops.   Cori and her team are often requested as presenters by our members as their presentations are always informative and interactive.   I would highly recommend Jouta for any HR or training needs.

British Columbia Construction Association Employee Benefit Trust

As an organization, we’ve called upon Jouta Performance Group to facilitate workshops as a result of major changes we were going through, as well as workshops to enhance staff and trustee engagement in our organization. Since we are a relatively new operation, Jouta’s genuine approach bonded our team and prepared us for challenges and for successes we would face.

The workshops were conducted with the breadth, depth and relevance that each unique situation we encountered in our organization. Jouta was able to keep our team committed and focussed through the entire process. I can attest that at the end of each of the workshops, we were all elated and exhausted.

Through the years, we’ve engaged Jouta Performance Group to conduct seminars at our major client conferences and our clients always rate the Jouta seminars, which are interactive and educational, highest in their conference feedback surveys.

BC Aboriginal Child Care Society Conference

Excellent overview of Topics!

100% of participants agreed! This workshop fulfilled their needs and they would recommend it to their colleagues.

CPA of BC – HR Policy

One of the best seminars that I have attended for a very long time. The speaker presented her material succinctly and clearly. Examples were GREAT! I was able to go away with a few nuggets. Her pace was perfect!

She kept her audience interested until the end. An informative introduction to the HR policy. The speaker was very engaging and provided a variety of good examples from her consulting career. Presentation was definitely worthwhile.

HR Policy – CPA of BC

  • The presentation surpassed my expectations, taking away several ideas – Best PD ever!
  • It really was very good. Organized, succinct, relevant.
  • Very informative and well done
  • Loved it so much. This was the best PD I have ever attended. Will look for this presenter again and may even use her company to help with our HR Policy
  • Engaging presenter made it enjoyable and memorable
  • She kept it relevant & interesting with real life examples of practical application of the material