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About Us

Founded October 30, 2006, by CEO, Cori Maedel, The Jouta Performance Group (Jouta) is a BC based company specializing in outsourced human resource (HR) strategy, services, and support.

Why do we do what we do? To inspire and build a new possible.

Jouta Logo

The symbols that guide Jouta:


At Jouta, we’re incredibly intentional about our culture and everything we do flows from there. Our name, logo and symbolism are no exception. With our name, we don’t just want abundance for our clients, and for ourselves. We want superabundance. This may be about success, wealth, health, happiness, or whatever superabundance means to you.

Together Illustration

The symbols that guide Jouta:

Practicing (and facilitating) Togetherness

Powerful partnerships involve supporting one another, a key part of which is allowing, enabling, and asking for help from others. When we’re open to receiving help, we’re better positioned to reciprocate.

Lifelong Illustration

The symbols that guide Jouta:

Lifelong Education and continuing quest for knowledge

In all that we do and with all those we work with, we not only share our knowledge/expertise, but also learn and evolve. We believe that growth is the only way forward and knowledge is empowerment. The more we all know about ourselves, our teams, and our organizations, the more potential to make an impact and succeed.

Bridge Illustration

The symbols that guide Jouta:

Passage over Obstacles

Jouta is the bridge that’s held up by the foundation of learning and growing together as individuals and organizations, without blocking the way underneath or above. With the understanding that there is no one right way, it symbolizes bridging the gap between organizations and their people.

Jouta Duck

The symbols that guide Jouta:

Why the Duck

The Jouta Duck is a bit like a mascot – or more accurately, a guiding principle for all that we do. The duck symbolizes that voice in all of our heads that tells us that we aren’t good enough, smart enough, small enough, big enough, strong enough, tall enough, etc. In other words, it reminds us to tell that voice to “Shut the Duck Up!”

Chess piece illustration

The symbols that guide Jouta:

Imagine Playing a Better Game

The game of chess represents challenges and change. Players utilize the various forces and motivations available to them, with different degrees of skill and artistry. The King is the biggest and most precious figure in the game and can only take one step at a time – but can do so in any direction. It reminds us to be strategic, intentional, and patient. Building success is both a deliberate and methodical process.

The name “Jouta”?

At Jouta (Joe-Ta), we’re incredibly intentional about our culture and everything we do flows from there. Our name, logo and symbolism are no exception. With our name, we don’t just want abundance for our clients, and for ourselves. We want superabundance. This may be about success, wealth, health, happiness, or whatever superabundance means to you.

Jouta U Employees riding together

In the spirit of togetherness, we…

Happy employees of Jouta

Have a strong spirit

We have a strong spirit of alliance, working as one team, supporting, celebrating, cherishing, and challenging one another.

Work collectively

We work collectively to provide our clients with unique, fresh, sustainable solutions from a variety of perspectives.

Offer mindful collaboration

We work with our clients with mindful collaboration.

Have No Excuses

We never give ourselves an excuse to do less than our best.

Create Super Abundance

We succeed when our clients succeed!

The Jouta Team

We are a collective of individuals, who, like those we work with, are unique and diverse – and we each have our own story. As that story may not be obviously seen or known, and we care deeply about relating beyond our roles as HR, we are sharing a small part of who we are with you. We hope you enjoy learning more about us and invite you to do the same with us.

Amanda Stower

Amanda Stower – Executive Assistant

I am happiest when I’m at the beach.

Cori Maedel – Founder & CEO

I am a lifelong learner who believes in the journey of personal growth. One day at a time, one lesson at a time. It’s been a long and winding journey so far, and yet I would not trade in one moment of it. Today I am adventurous, quiet, and calm. A wife, a daughter, a sister, and a friend. Loyal, funny, and kind. I am ME!

Tomorrow I hope to be all of that and more.

Daina McCloskey

Daina McCloskey – Business Development Officer & HR Consultant

I am curious and continuously searching for growth opportunities. I am happiest in the sunshine, preferably near water, and enjoy spending time with my family and friends.

Karen Rutledge

Karen Rutledge – Chief Human Resources Officer & HR Consultant

I am a seasoned HR professional who thrives on fostering meaningful connections, both at work and in my personal life. As a wife, daughter, and sister, my home is a haven of love, laughter, and the delightful chaos brought by my two canine companions. I share my life with a loyal German Shepherd and a spirited Boston Terrier cross, who never fails to bring joy and the occasional pawprint to our furniture. While I navigate the intricacies of human resources during the workweek, my time off is often spent planning my next vacation to the beach, at the beach or dreaming of the beach.

Karina Boreczek – Accountant

I am a mother, an energetic, passionate, and playful individual who loves to spend time outdoors. I enjoy hiking, mountain biking, and climbing and draw strength from being in nature.

Ketlyn Santana

Ketlyn Santana – HR Consultant

I am a passionate and enthusiastic individual looking to improve myself in my personal journey and professional career. I currently live in the country (a former city gal) and love the small-town vibes and community feels; building strong connections and getting back to basics by learning traditional homesteading skills. As a fur-mama, fitness enthusiast, foodie fanatic, world traveler and explorer, I’m seeking my next adventure (big or small), while enjoying the journey with all its beauty in this thing called life!

Nick Pollard

Nick Pollard – HR Consultant

I am a passionate advocate and coach who looks for the learning opportunity in every scenario; a Dad to 3 amazing humans who show me daily that life is for learning, loving and fun… that, and the need for really good vacations! Never knew I wanted to work in HR until I started my journey in Learning & Development, and after I became the Englishman who taught Canadians how to be Swedish at IKEA, I was hooked. I have been incredibly fortunate in my career to have experienced so many diverse and interesting things for some amazing organizations. With my kids now grown, I am on a new adventure of exploration and curiosity.

Nievelina Carmona – HR Consultant

I am a strong Indigenous woman. I am from the shishalh Nation mixed with Mexican heritage. I am living my life with purpose by sharing my gifts with all those around me. I am rooted in my culture and connection to Mother Earth. I am guided by the teachings of my ancestors. I am here to remind us of all the gifts/talents we have to share with each other that help us expand and grow. I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister, auntie, and friend.


Ripan Gill – Chief Operations Officer & Consultant

I am on a constant mission to learn and grow. I pride myself in my loyalty, passion and the people I surround myself with.

Sabine Bell – HR Consultant

I am a BC girl! I truly embrace the four seasons and the beauty this province has to offer. Let’s get outside and play!

Rory Gabriel

Rory Gabriel – HR Consultant

I am always looking for new ways to challenge my way of thinking and to grow my mind. My mantra, which was taught to me by my elders, is that we have two ears and one mouth, meaning we must listen twice as much as we speak. I am an avid traveller, love to go to the cinema, and spend time with family and friends.

Sheri Kashman – Principal Consultant

I am a courageous lifelong learner and seeker – with so much left to explore, discover and grow into. A passionate athlete and outdoor enthusiast (mountain biker, climber, skier). A daughter, partner, best friend, sister, mentor, and cat mama.