Video Transcript

So, I think employers need to ask whether or not to do this. I think the first question you need to ask yourself is why. Not because we can always think of reasons not to do it, but I’m saying why not. For one of the clients that we’ve had for years, the CEO said there’s no way this will never happen long before covid. When covid occurred, this is another example. I gave you another example earlier, but he would never have his staff work from home. There’s no way, and he ended up having to quarantine at home because he had been on travel, so he got back he had to stay home for two weeks, and at that point, everybody had been shifted to working from home, and he was like oh I think this could work. And so why not try it? Why not talk to your staff and find out what they want to find out what will work for them? People have said that they’ll take pay cuts, and I’m not implying that you should do that; I’m not suggesting that that’s how excited people are about the possibility of working from home. The ability to not be in their cars or on the buses or whatever it is; however they get there talk to your staff find out what they want to find out what they need. I just think it’s so possible, and what’s exciting about it for me is before covid, I’ve been, you know, hoping that the more employers that we talk to would consider it. But now I think it’s possible that we can change how we do work and get more enriched lives from working from home.