Seven insights into Ketlyn, one of Jouta’s new HR Consultants

We believe that meaningful human connections are the foundation for engagement, enthusiasm, retention, and success in any setting or circumstance. Acknowledging the people you work with as humans, learning where they come from, what and who’s important to them, what they do outside of work, and how their lives are going, contributes to deeper connections, engagement, and creativity. It also allows us to celebrate the richness of diversity that each of us bring to our roles.

With that in mind, and building upon our culture of genuinely knowing one another, we continue our ongoing “meet your Jouta team” series, so you too can know each of us just a little bit more.

Meet Ketlyn, our new HR Consultant

Having recently joined us in August 2023, Ketlyn is one of Jouta’s newest team members. A former city gal, she now resides in a small community with her fur-baby, a long-haired Weimaraner named Indie. A fitness enthusiast, foodie fanatic, explorer, and world traveller, Ketlyn will undoubtedly have lots of great stories to share (ask her about Egypt!). Professionally, she has also worked in a variety of organizations across the private, union, and non-profit sectors. A well-rounded and experienced HR professional who has been a consultant for several years, she brings much knowledge to client partnership.  

We’re very excited to have Ketlyn as part of our team and hope the following seven additional insights will give you a sense of who she is, what she strives for, and what’s important to her.

Why HR? What led you to the profession and why are you still in it?

After finishing my Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, I wasn’t sure what was next. In talking to friends and family, I was introduced to the idea of HR and took some additional courses, including HR Management. Intrigued and inspired by my professor Peter Spratt’s facilitation skills, knowledge and wisdom, I was instantly hooked. In my first HR job, I was able to put my new knowledge and skills into practice, and it just made sense. Over time, I eventually became a trained facilitator, and through refining my facilitation and coaching skills along the way, I found my passion for continuous learning and growing.

Although the HR field comes with many challenges, I discovered that I thrive in times of change and growth and am able to maintain a calm and steady presence. I enjoy partnering with my clients to learn about their business, provide support, and help them with their strategic goals. I want to be a part of the conversations that balance risk mitigation, help employees thrive in their career development, and improve entire organizations. Every day in HR is a unique one with different challenges to tackle.

Why Jouta? What attracted you to work with us?

When I read about Jouta and what the company represents and symbolizes (e.g., the philosophies of ‘superabundance’ and ‘when our clients succeed, we succeed’), I knew I was in the right place. I had been searching for a team environment to collaborate within and be a part of something greater than myself as an independent consultant. Working with like-minded individuals with different cultures and diverse backgrounds excites me… we can learn so much from one another and create synergies towards achieving outstanding results for our clients – and have fun while doing so. Jouta has a great team of strong consultants, and the expectation is that we share ideas and thoughts openly, being our authentic selves. I like that we don’t put ourselves in a box when thinking about HR and will challenge the status quo which, ultimately, leads to better ways of doing things and stepping up our games as HR professionals. We learn and grow together, sharing successes, making improvements, and learning from one another along the way for a better representation of what HR can look like in different organizations. We strive to set our clients up for the greatest success possible.

What fills you up, brings you joy, and/or takes you to a ‘flow’ state?

I enjoy being active and need a balance of work and play in my life to be fulfilled. I value my mental and physical well-being, and take time to:

  • Spend time with my circle of family and friends (game nights, concerts, events, dinners)
  • Get out in nature, usually with my dog Indie (aka grey ghost) to hike, swim, and chill
  • Play sports (ultimate frisbee, biking/trekking races) and teach fitness classes (boxing, weightlifting, step)
  • Eat well (cooking yummy food with wholesome ingredients from my garden or going out for dinner, checking out new places to eat)
  • Learn homesteading skills (sourdough bread making, canning fruits/veggies, knitting)
  • Travel and explore new places (on the docket for future travel: Japan, Thailand/Vietnam/Cambodia, hike the Camino Trail from Portugal to Spain, Newfoundland)

What’s one thing about yourself and/or your ‘story’ that fundamentally makes you YOU?

I was born in Osasco, Brazil but have lived most of my life in Canada (in Saskatchewan, Alberta, Ontario, and BC). This has given me a variety of different perspectives in this lifelong journey. Having immigrant parents that came from a small farming community led me to understand the challenges they faced and overcame to bring their family to an unknown country and foreign language. Their strength and bravery gave us a better life. As a kid, I didn’t understand how much sacrifice this took, but as an adult I now know and appreciate everything they did to give me what I have today.

I wouldn’t be who I am without my parents’ sacrifice, hard work and work ethic, and am so grateful for all their love and support. Without it, I’m not sure I’d have achieved what I have to this point. I owe everything to my family, including my values, my culture, my education/skills, my passion for food and adventure, my ability to pivot and learn and grow, my solid work ethic, and my ability to understand people from different walks of life.  

Who would you invite as a dinner guest (or go for a walk/on an adventure with) and why?

My dad – he passed away too early, and I wish I had done more within the time I had. If I had the chance now, I’d make sure to make him his favorite foods (of which there were many, mostly Brazilian foods), listen to his stories, take time to learn from his wisdom, give him all the hugs, listen to his favourite music, and watch him sing and dance the night away. I think what I miss most is hearing my dad’s boisterous laugh – it was undeniable, and he was the ‘life of the party” at any family affair.  

What’s something you’ve dreamed about doing for a long time but haven’t done? When will you do it?

I’ve aways wanted to learn how to sing. I think I could be good at it but am very shy and tend to back away due to fears of not being good enough. I hope to start singing alongside my brother – even if just for fun – to learn from him and get more comfortable. As I enjoy trying new recipes and then sharing them on Facebook/Instagram (which friends and family have encouraged me to do more of), I’ve also thought about having a Cooking with Ket page. I’d like to post pictures/video content to reach people who need help with dinner ideas, featuring whole ingredients and microgreens that we’ve planted at home and adding recipes from my favourite travels.

Both of these ideas will challenge me creatively and I do hope to one day find the time to implement them.

If you could be known for anything and/or leave a legacy, what would it be?

I’d like to be known for being kind and caring, for helping people and inspiring them to sometimes do or see things from a different perspective, and continually helping them to grow and learn.

Reach out today to meet Ketlyn and the rest of the Jouta team!