Five insights into Daina, Jouta’s Business Development Officer

Meaningful connections with a human-centered approach are the foundation for engagement, enthusiasm, retention, and success in any setting or circumstance. Acknowledging the people you work with, learning where they come from, what and who’s important to them, what they do outside of work, and how their lives are going, contributes to deeper connections, engagement, and creativity. It also allows us to celebrate the richness of diversity that each of us bring to our roles.

With that in mind, and building upon our culture of genuinely knowing one another, we continue our ongoing “meet your Jouta team” series so you too can know each of us just a little bit more.

Meet Daina, our new Business Development Officer

Having recently joined us in September 2023, Daina is one of Jouta’s newest team members. Curious and growth-focused, she enjoys spending time with and sharing with friends, family, and colleagues. She is happiest when in the sunshine and near the water, so it’s no surprise she left Alberta to make a home in the Okanagan! Professionally, Daina brings 20+ years of HR experience gained in a variety of organizations. A well-rounded and experienced HR professional, she brings much knowledge to the client partnership.  

We’re thrilled have Daina as part of our team and hope the following 5 additional insights will give you a sense of who she is, what she strives for, and what’s important to her.

Why HR? What led you to the profession and why are you still in it?

I fell into HR and, luckily for me, it stuck! Fresh out of high school, I got my first corporate job as a receptionist and was trying to decide what I wanted to do with my career and education. I had an incredible mentor at the time who allowed me to gain exposure in different departments within the organization, and I took a liking to HR. I enrolled in part-time post-secondary education, and shortly thereafter was provided an opportunity to move into the HR team. I never looked back and am incredibly grateful for those early opportunities!  

Why Jouta? What attracted you to work with us?

It was important for me to find an HR consulting group that I aligned with. In my search, I noticed that most other consulting groups seemed to be providing HR support simply to fill a gap – not so much in a meaningful way that was really tailored to the client’s needs and aligned to their culture. I don’t believe in providing a standard template to solve a problem or implement a practice. Jouta’s approach is different in this regard and that really piqued my interest. There’s also opportunity to learn and grow from the Jouta team, which is another aspect that isn’t commonly found in the consulting world. I value having a team of like-minded, progressive professionals to collaborate with.

What fills you up, brings you joy, and/or takes you to a ‘flow’ state?

Warm weather and being outside in the sunshine, near the water.

Who would you invite as a dinner guest (or go for a walk/on an adventure with) and why?

My paternal Grandmother. Growing up, I remember her being the most kind and caring person; she would never let someone else go without, was there for anyone who needed help, ensured everyone was well fed, and she absolutely adored animals. There was never a day where she complained or was in a bad mood, and she was always the life of the party. While I knew a little about her life back then, I was too young to really understand, and since she’s passed, I’ve come to learn and appreciate just how much of a trail blazer she was and how much adversity she tackled throughout her life. I’d love to have a glass of wine with her and talk about how she overcame everything and did it in such a positive, humble and classy way. She’s an inspiration.

What’s something you’ve dreamed about doing for a long time but haven’t done? When will you do it?

I’ve always wanted to experience living someplace else. Up until four years ago, I spent my life in one place. I had a chance to move to another province, and it’s been a great experience. While I’m happy with that move, there’s still a part of me that wants to experience living somewhere completely different – like Europe or South America. I love the idea of immersing myself in a completely different culture and embracing that kind of change. Only time will tell when I’ll be able to make this happen!

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