Seven insights into Nievelina Carmona, Jouta HR Consultant

We believe that meaningful human connections are the foundation for engagement, enthusiasm, retention, and success in any setting or circumstance. Acknowledging the people you work with as humans, learning where they come from, what and who’s important to them, what they do outside of work, and how their lives are going, contributes to deeper connections, engagement, and creativity. 

With that in mind, and building upon our culture of genuinely knowing one another, this is the second in our regular “meet your Jouta team” series, so you too can know each of us just a little bit more.   

Meet Nievelina Carmona, Jouta HR Consultant

Having joined us in September 2022, Nievelina is one of Jouta’s newest members. She is a heart-forward and tradition-focused soul who comes to each day and experience with openness, vulnerability, and compassion. Wise beyond her years and grounded in her culture, she has and continues to inspire us and elevate our understanding of what it means to be Indigenous, and the critical importance of decolonizing all things (including interactions).

We hope the following seven insights about Nievelina will give you a sense of who she is, what she strives for, and what’s important to her.

Why HR? What led you to the profession and why are you still in it?

I hadn’t thought about working in HR until I fell into it while working as a summer student for the Squamish Nation. In that role, I had the opportunity to grow and advance into other HR roles. I love the people/human aspect of the work and I’ve stayed with it because I believe there’s so much more that can be done… specifically in Indigenous communities and in how we Indigenize/decolonize HR practices.

Why Jouta? What attracted you to work with us?

Cori and I first met at a conference in 2017 and I was immediately drawn to her energy. Throughout the years we kept in touch and in 2021, when I was struggling and needed someone to connect with, I reached out to her for advice. I remember that day so clearly… I was telling her I wanted to quit my job and was thinking about quitting HR all together. She asked me a few questions and suggested I reflect on it for a few days, and when we connected later that week, she asked me if I would be interested in joining Jouta. That option had never crossed my mind until that moment. I’ve now been with Jouta since September 2022, and it has been one of the best experiences. I love that the team is so supportive, knowledgeable, and isn’t afraid to talk about tough issues. I feel so valued and supported by the whole team, which I just love.

What fills you up, brings you joy, and/or takes you to a ‘flow’ state?

Professionally, it’s being able to share my experience and knowledge with other communities; being able to help them break through the boxes/systems; and creating opportunities to support the growth and development of future leaders.

Personally, it’s my family and culture. In addition, Reiki and being out on the land/water brings me a sense of calm and relaxation that I can’t find anywhere else.

What’s one thing about yourself and/or your ‘story’ that fundamentally makes you YOU?

No matter what I’ve endured, experienced, or been up against, I always come with a compassionate heart and understanding. I believe this is a gift that has allowed me to work in some difficult HR situations because I come to them with listening, wanting to understand, and be able to see the big picture of why things are happening.

Who would you invite as a dinner guest (or go for a walk/on an adventure with) and why?

I would love to invite my great, great, great grandmothers to come for dinner. To be able to sit and talk with them about their life and their stories is something I dream of. I believe strongly that the stories of women on both sides of my family haven’t been told accurately because they are seen through the eyes of an outsider. I would love to learn and hear directly from them about their way of living, how they supported their communities, families, and how they carried on with their traditional ways.

What’s something you’ve dreamed about doing for a long time but haven’t done? When will you do it?

I’d love to take my daughters backpacking around the world. They are both still quite young, and while I think being 6 and travelling the world would be fun, I want to wait until they’re a bit older. I did a student exchange and took a 3-month backpacking adventure when I was 27, which changed my life in so many ways. I want both my daughters to have those same opportunities to experience the world in different ways and through more than simply a “vacation” lens.

If you could be known for anything and/or leave a legacy, what would it be?

Spreading kindness and having the confidence that nothing has to fit inside a box – that there are ways to explore, grow and expand, as long as we’re open to expanding and exploring ourselves.

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