Video Transcript

I want to start by thanking you for following our deck, we hope you enjoy our video. Why is an organization like a flock of ducks? When a group of ducks called a flock or inflate, the collective motion of a large number of ducks line in unison cohesion in flight. We’ve all heard about ducks that flock together, but did you ever stop to think that perhaps an organization might also be like a flock of ducks. We’re all trying to get from A to B safely in the most efficient way possible under the guidance of a leader. Just as in the animal kingdom an organization that flocks together is built for survival, when things work well, employees are able to follow their leader for guidance. But many organizations with a less cohesive flock are more like disorganized many flocks or individuals, pulling against one another and hindering the fox progress. What’s your organization like?We ask you to consider the following advantages of organizational flocking. Collectively seeking opportunities when individuals understand the direction of their organization, their flock as a whole, and are more aware of their personal contribution to its destination. They’re able to recognize opportunities and swoop in and focus their energy only on the areas that will benefit their flock’s progress. Attraction, cohesive flocks’ organizations that know where they’re going not only help retain individuals they look go to and they also attract new ones that align with their cultural values and norms.Creating cohesion, aflock or a team are also better able to display their strengths and prowess to new individual.You know those potential employees and customers attracting them to join them on their journey. We’ve talked about seeking opportunities attracting and retaining new members, now let’s talk about protection; this is a big subject because you and your employees face challenges on a daily basis, as do ducks in flight. The important thing is that when challenges occur, your team or flock knows what todo. As the fog flows in, they may need to navigate through unclear territory and a well-protected team knows where to find them, and how to use them working together. With a common goal, ensure when problems arise the flock or team is more able to diffuse and conquer the issue by solving it together, but that only happens if they are clear where they are going and how they’re going to get there.You know raising families is like building a team employees join organizations at different stages some are young and inexperienced while others are more mature and ready to get started right away. Whatever level of knowledge skills and ability they bring they need one another to excel as a whole.Organizations that break down silos and form cohesion go with the flow and not against its aerodynamics. If organizations form their organizational structure around the strengths of individual and the company as a whole, the overall flock is more efficient and better able to deal with any changes. Now let’s talk about efficiency and productivity, during stormy weathers you know those long hours tight deadlines and organizational changes flocks could share the benefit of teamwork to survive it can get pretty rough sometimes as feathers get ruffled while the team navigates the one constant these days and that is change.When an individual is blown off course and if everyone understands the organization’s overall direction, and the importance of each person’s role they can easily be brought back into the fold.Working together with common goals, shared values, and beliefs support the company culture to ensure an increased level of efficiency and productivity.When it comes to information the individuals encouraged to share their knowledge with others, the whole team benefits. We encourage you to create a communication culture, a culture where true dialogue is encouraged and where employees are encouraged to listen learn and then speak. Create practices that support open and honest dialogue because then everyone wins. In summary the collective motion of a large number of ducks flying in unison, cohesion, and flight. When organization work in unison you too can have flight. And we thank you for following our deck. Chantal de montenay for visuals.Olivia Bevan for video