Video Transcript

The pros of taking a business to remote work are: first of all, we saved an enormous amount of money every month on not having to pay lease payments for space that’s number one. The health and well-being of the team, the ability for them not to have to commute back and forth.I’m not having to spend money on gas. Their ability to spend more time with their families and frankly the ability to get work done in a more meaningful way. Having the time to do it, having a setup such that at a moment’s notice they can get what they have what they need done when they need it done. The ability to, I think there’s more flexibility in wanting to do things that maybe we didn’t have to do. Before, like maybe we’re going to travel further than we did before, but that’s okay because there’s hardly any trouble anymore and they don’t have to commute into the city. I know that um there was another team member that worked with us for along time, and she and her family moved to port moody because Vancouver became too expensive. And if we were remote work when she was with us, she’d probably still be with us. But it burned her out completely and so she had to leave. And so, I think it allows our employees to have more fulfilling lives if they don’t have to spend so much time in a car. Now that doesn’t again fit for every single person and that’s why you got to talk to everybody.It’s why you’re going to sit down and talk to your staff and find out who does better at home, who does better in the office, and what does a hybrid look like. Some of our clients are doing two days a week. They’re blending it I’m going to guess though the ones that have the hour and a half commutes or hour commutes, sitting in traffic I’m guessing they’re going to want to know when they can work from home. So, I just think there’s so many benefits to it and we can have some really interesting meetings on zoom.The ability to pull everybody on the screen share a document ,like the way that that we can have those kinds of dialogues.Even with clients now that are much more difficult when you’re sitting in an entire big board room and people down the way. You can’t even see where everybody’s faces. And although I think some say that there’s zoom fatigue and people aren’t as productive, I don’t know I see lots of engagement in ways that I hadn’t seen before. So, i think there’s a lot of positives now. Again, not every organization will work for and I understand that, but the ones that it does work for I just think there’s huge return on investment on all fronts.