Video Transcript

Today we will discuss the personal information section, and here’s our handy-dandy color-coded. Section a is personal information so let’s get right to it. So I want you to know before I do so to show you what it looks like to file the old-fashioned way. If you file it online, you can use the same structure if you’d like and have online folders, or you might have an online system. However, you do that. What’s important is the type of content you need to keep and how you need to keep it. So section a personal information employee, and personal information is personal information about an individual that is collected, used, or disclosed solely for the purposes reasonably required to establish manager terminate the employment relationship. But it does not include information that is not about 3an individual’s employment, so personal information is information that you use to collect and disclose to manage the employment relationship. under this section, you would have things like an application form and a resume personal contact and emergency contact forms. Change forms if anyone changes their names or has different contact people. Favorite things, any personal information updates you might have would be in this section. So let’s talk about an example of some of those so an application form. For example, not all roles require an application form, but I believe all roles require a resume. So even if you are hiring a laborer and you want them to fill out an application form if it makes sense for your organization, I would strongly encourage you to get them to bring in a resume as well. Or to send in a resume that tells you a lot about the effort and employee or candidates willing to do to get a job. So I’ve attached a sample application form that you can look at. The other thing to consider is making sure that an application form has all the relevant information you can ask reasonably to determine if this person is suitable for the job. For example, if you are a glazing company and you have to work at heights that are tall buildings, one of the things that you can ask is, are you afraid of heights because if the truth is yes, chances are this wouldn’t be the right job for that person. So please take a look at the example application form we’ve submitted. We’ve got some good questions for you, the sample of personal information, so you’ve got this employee unique information form that you can ask employees the questions you need to have all the data you need. One thing it’s essential is to have emergency contact information and find out if there’s anything you should know about them. Are they allergic to something, and who would you contact if something happened? it’s important information to have on file. So I have a favorites things form. This is just a fun thing that we have some clients do that we get employees to fill it out so that if you wanted to reward me and me or an employee in some way or me if you wanted to reward one of your employees in some way you ask them these questions. So if you wanted to do something special for them, you could come to this form and figure out what it is, and you would get them something that you knew was specific to them and that they enjoyed. And you can ask questions here to find out what you might want to give as gifts. The important thing about personal information is to collect, use and disclose only the information required to manage the employment relationship. Nothing more has candidates complete the application form. We’re clickable as well. Please submit a resume to collect all the information you need to manage the employment relationship, contact details, and emergency contact. this has been an initiative of the city of Penticton economic development department, and I’m Cori.