Event: Vancouver Regional Construction Association Learning Forum
Location: Four Seasons Resort, Whistler

Session One: The Coach Approach

Helping superintendents and site supervisors coach and motivate staff at all levels.

So often in organizations, managers are expected to take on the role of “team coach” because of their position. And, by virtue of their position, it is assumed they have the necessary skills to coach.

Managers who do have these skills can have an incredible, lasting impact on their team and organization, however, many shy away from this role, as they are afraid they will not know what to say.

What would you say if we told you the secret to being a good coach actually has very little to do with knowing what to say? The secret lies in knowing what to ask.

Learning outcomes:

  • The application of coaching in the workplace
  • Using coaching to support co-workers, employees and leaders
  • Identifying and acting on coachable moments
  • Moving forward when you don’t know what to say

Strategies and tools:

  • Coaching framework
  • Questions to ask when you don’t know what to say

Session Two: The Succession Approach

Focusing on strategies to help superintendents and project managers build a framework to recruit future talent and fill gaps.

Do you know why people choose to stay… or choose to go? As an organization, how can you build a framework to cultivate and retain future talent or fill the gaps created by them as they succeed?

This presentation explores the role and importance of establishing organizational clarity and company goals (for any company in any industry) during succession planning; provides practical and innovative strategies to assess, identify and retain your future successors; and discusses the top 20 reasons employees choose to stay with one company, rather than look for work elsewhere.

Learning outcomes:

  • To understand a basic succession framework for looking at your organization, its goals and your talent
  • Core approaches to assess and identify your future successors (or succession gaps)
  • Practical and innovative strategies to cultivate and retain your future talent (e.g., use of career management, etc.)
  • Common pitfalls in cultivating and keeping your people and how to avoid them

Strategies and tools:

  • Succession framework/model for viewing the organization
  • Two models to assess/identify potential
  • 4 best practice and/or innovative strategies to cultivate and retain talent
  • Cheat sheet of tips/tricks for avoiding common pitfalls