Location: BC Career Development Association, Marriott Vancouver Pinnacle Hotel, Vancouver

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How do we connect passion and purpose to create success?

Sometimes we feel it’s too late in life to dream or feel discouraged by the emotions of striving to accomplish our purpose and passion. What do we do when this happens? Lower our vision to escape the emotional load at the expense of abandoning our dream, or continue to dream big and to work through the emotions?

Cori Maedel explains, from personal experience, how to make passion and purpose happen, discussing the importance of balancing creative and emotional tension (the distance between reality and what we want to achieve, and the emotions that arise from trying to achieve this vision).

Discover how to evolve with passion and purpose, how to use creative tension to push you forward and how to make better choices when emotional tension appears. Plus, learn practical techniques on how to create success based around passion – yours and your client’s.