We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our shiny new website!

At Jouta, we’re intentional about all that we do and the making of our new website was no exception. As we describe on our site, our name, our logo, the symbols that guide us – and of course our ‘why’ and guiding principles – are all aligned.

So, what’s so exciting about Jouta’s new website, other than it showcasing who we are at our core, what makes us different, the diverse range of services we provide, and the making of it having been a team-focused labour of love? Let us tell you!

Navigating uncertainty requires a new HR playbook

As you’ll see, this is splashed across our home page, let’s start here. In part, this is about where we’re all at as a result of the pandemic and the importance of changing the way people work. And in part, it’s about the day-to-day realities of uncertainty, and the need for proactive focus on evolution and strategic change management.

About Jouta

As with many things HR-related, developing a website provided us with an opportunity to really dig deep into who we are and what we do. And it’s no mistake that our team retreat took place during the making of our site, which allowed us to clearly define why we do what we do, and how. With the launch of the site, we’re also introducing a fresh and intentional take on our ‘why’: to inspire and build a new possible, as well as the principles that guide us.

A critical part of doing what we do, is who the team is. In introducing the Jouta team, you’ll notice that we don’t provide the usual biography about our HR expertise and credentials. As we know these are important (and are a given for us), we provide that information along with our client proposals (and/or if asked), as well as our respective LinkedIn profiles. On our website, however, we want you to know the unique and diverse ‘we’, and the stories that make each of us ‘I’. We care deeply about relating beyond our roles as HR Consultants, and so have shared a small part of who we each are with you.

Jouta’s HR services

The term ‘HR consulting’ and associated services can be a bit of an enigma to some, especially those who haven’t previously outsourced human resources. In fact, it’s quite likely that what we do is more diverse and varied than most think. Our new website outlines and describes each of our service offerings:

  • HR Consulting – We create fresh and customized HR solutions 
  • Indigenous HR – With culture and tradition top of mind, we create customized HR solutions with heart
  • Coaching Services – We support you to manage change, achieve goals and fulfill your potential
  • Training & Development – We design our HR training to meet learners where they are


This page includes videos on everything from Humour Resources (including our very popular How Not to Interview video) to current and relevant HR matters, such as whether people are more productive working from home and the pros and cons of a remote business. We’ve also included a video tutorial series that we produced for the City of Penticton, which covers topics relevant to most businesses, such as HR 101, recruitment and onboarding, attendance, and performance management.

Jouta blog

An up-to-date and refreshed overview of current topics, as well as relevant past posts, which we typically release every second week. While we work hard to ensure our posts are interesting and pertinent, broad topics include HR consulting, coaching, COVID-19, HR how-to & news, Indigenous HR, JEDI (justice = equity, diversity & inclusion), and training & development.

Complimentary HR health services

While we’ve always offered complimentary HR assessments, Jouta’s new website now includes a quick, complimentary HR health check. This 5-minute (or less) online quiz will give you a high-level, yet clear picture of your organization’s HR health based on the 5 indicators of HR record keeping, employment agreements, employee handbook, compensation and performance.

We’re really excited about this ‘long in the making’ new website and truly hope those of you who know us well can see how very much it fits with who we are. For those who we haven’t met yet, we assure you that we live, breathe, and offer all that you see throughout the site and look forward to connecting!