Video Transcript

Hi I’m Erin, I hired for an interview. Oh just have a seat and Mr. Smith will be with you when he has a chance. I’m watching him while I’m interviewing, he’s really easy. Okay can you send next out to come in please. Great Mr. Smith, beware that’s tough so but the second one is okay. Aaron, yes right okay good, good. I’ve been interviewing all week and it’s just been a wreaking havoc. With my schedule it’s really limiting stuff. It really gets in the way sometimes. Sorry for taking up time in your day. That’s enough about me we’re here to talk about you. So, what I’m really interested in this interview is cultural fit, we have an amazing company and we only want amazing people, and that’s how we have a great culture. I’m trying to get an idea of who you are as a person. So I guess I’d like to start off with your family situation, you married? If you have kids, you know it’s a thing getting away with all our activities and maybe have a needy husband or something. Who doesn’t like traveling? You know that’s that stuff we need to know, um just looking to see if they have a wedding ring on. Oh yeah you do, okay oh, that’s a nice one. Thank you, vacation we don’t like to take a lot of stat holidays for religious reasons. People have different religions and we don’t really acknowledge any sort of religious holiday, so I wonder if you can give me an idea of what your religion is and sort of your beliefs. I don’t know quite how they are. I would say that I think is a personal question, I’m really interested in how old you are because we’re a very energetic company and we need people we with high-energy. And if people are starting to creep up in age, we need to know that how old are you. As far as sick time goes, we really frown upon that, here we don’t believe in sick time and I think there’s a lot of people who just take advantage of sick time, and we don’t tolerate that here. So, I’m sort of wondering if you can tell me what your family history is as far as sickness goes. I’m a generally a healthy person, and I don’t think my family history should have any bearing on whether or notI can do the job. One thing that I would suspect, you’ve been wondering the whole time here is why I have these sunglasses on my desk. What I figured is that if you were to work here your future would be so bright that you need to wear shades. So, this is what we like to do here is wear shades because we are so bright, we are going places so that’s the attitude we want you to have here. So,if you have a pair of sunglasses, you brought feel free to put them on. Actually, I didn’t bring my sunglasses with me, if there’s any questions I didn’t come up with today, would it be fine if I called you sometime tonight or maybe we could you know meet for a drink later and we could talk about how the interview went. You know I think that would help me make my decision on who to hire how does that sound.